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What Are Affirmations:

Affirmations are anything that you say to yourself that have positive intent and are phrased in a positive way. Affirmations are a powerful tool to change how you think, feel, interact with people and react to events in your life.

Making a Choice:

How do you feel? How do you feel right now? Good, bad, happy, sad, tense or relaxed? The way you feel right now, the way you felt yesterday and the way you'll feel tomorrow is a choice. How you feel every moment of every day is a choice you make.

You have control over how you feel and can change your feelings in an effective, powerful way.

You probably don't believe me and that's understandable. We're all taught from a young age that other people can make us feel certain ways and have power over our feelings. That belief is reflected in the way we talk about feelings. We say things like, "you make me feel good," "you hurt my feelings," "you really upset me when you said that," or "you made me love you." But the truth is that you and you alone are responsible for everything you feel about yourself, other people and how you react to events in your life. Everything you feel is choice you make for yourself.

How I came to this conclusion and how I used affirmations to change my thoughts, feelings, beliefs and reactions to other people's behavior is what this website is about. Why affirmations are so effective and how you can use them to change and control your feelings, beliefs and reactions is what I want to share with you.

Affirmations are a direct way to feel good and have control over your feelings. You and you alone have the power to make yourself feel good. If you don't believe you do, then who does? Is it your boss, your wife or husband, your parents, your friends? If you are out of shape, would you send them off to the health club to work out and tone up your body? No, you wouldn't. If they lift weights or run on a treadmill, will it make you more healthy? No, it won't. So why insist on making someone else responsible for making you feel good emotionally when you wouldn't do it physically? Yes, you alone are responsible for how you feel, and the good news is that you have control over how you feel and can change your feelings in an effective, powerful way.

The most powerful person in the world is YOU

I created this site to share my belief that affirmations are capable of assisting in the process of personal growth in a significant way. It is my hope that you will find my approach useful and meaningful.

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